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Armed Force Pest Control

Weed Control and Lawn Pest Control in Hidden Valley Lake, California

Professional weed control and lawn pest controlling treatments from Armed Force Pest Control in Hidden Valley Lake, California offer superior protection from the mice, cockroaches, flies, and even bats that plague many Middletown, Lakeport and Clearlake yards.

As full-service Hidden Valley Lake exterminators, our local pest control services include bed bug treatments for a safe night’s sleep, cockroach extermination, nontoxic pest spray, rat removal, fly control, and much more.

Our pest control company’s versatility for commercial, residential, and municipal clients is perhaps our most distinguishing trait. Our IPM certified pest exterminating in Hidden Valley Lake gives us clearance to treat government buildings and schools.

Our agricultural licensing allows out pest removal technicians to spray both inside and outside of businesses and homes. This is significant given the connection of yard and indoor spaces concerning pest control services.

Overgrown weeds can be a haven for yard pests which may find their way inside. Removing the vegetation that harbors a lawn’s pests is a crucial aspect of prevention. Our organic weed clearing also provides long-term relief from future growth as well.

Armed Force Pest Control also offers professional aquatic pest control and weed killing services. Our team knows how harmful weeds and pests can be around bodies of water like lakes or ponds and will work hard to ease the clutter. If you would like to learn more about our lake pest control or weeding services call us today at - (707) 809-5541

Do you have a mouse in the house? Whether mice removals in Hidden Valley Lake, or preventative spraying in Clearlake, we exterminate the pests which can affect your Hidden Valley Lake family’s well being.

The food safety and health of a Hidden Valley Lake family are reduced when rats and ants are present. As an experienced roach exterminator, our odorless pest sprays are free from toxic substances. Your family’s children and pets can romp in the yard or play on the floors free from harmful chemicals.

For a pest extermination estimate or to schedule an appointment, please call Armed Force Pest Control at (707) 809-5541.

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