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Armed Force Pest Control - Clearlake, CA

Rodent Removal and Pest Extermination serving Clearlake, California

Armed Force Pest Control near Clearlake, California is trusted for safe and effective results. We are a licensed and insured pest control service with over 30 years of experience in bed bug treatments, cockroach extermination, rat removal, ant control and much more. Our roach exterminators use effective pest control treatments for indoor or outdoor areas.

This includes weed control and lawn pest control to prevent problems at the source. Our pest control service has agricultural and structural licenses that allow us to use pest sprays in many areas. We spray trees and shrubs as part of our garden pest control, which is effective against spiders, beetles, ants or other species. With our lawn weed control, rodents and insects have less space to hide in your outdoor spaces. This proactive approach is crucial to preventing the need for mice removal or fly control in the future.

The Clearlake area is home to many species of wildlife. Unfortunately, some of these animals may turn into pest control problems as our city grows. We feature humane bat removal that keeps your children and pets safe from bites that can be dangerous. Armed Force Pest Control will suggest the best techniques for fast results.

Much like bed bug treatments or rat removal, the source and extent of bat removal needed are factors to consider. We will also suggest ways to minimize the chances of future problems. Whether carpenter ant removal to keep wood structures safe or weed control to prevent problems for starting; we offer start-to finish pest control service for Clearlake residents.

Need to get rid of bed bugs? Our bed bug treatments work fast to rid bedding and fabrics of these pests that cannot be seen but cause irritated skin and discomfort. We will treat all areas of the room and will suggest tips to prevent recurrence.

Looking for licensed and insured pest control services near Clearlake? Please contact us at (707) 809-5541 for an inspection.

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