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Armed Force Pest Control - Middletown, CA

Pest Control and Extermination near Middletown, California

Armed Force Pest Control near Middletown, California is trusted by residents from Lakeport to Hidden Valley Lake. Our pest control services are backed by over 33 years of experience and lasting results. We take pride in ridding your home of pests with bed bug treatments, ant control, rat removal, cockroach extermination and much more.

This includes lawn pest control to prevent infestations at a common source. Our weed control prevents pests from finding refuge in your yard and improves the curb appeal of exterior spaces. You can rest easy knowing we use the safest pest sprays available and take a humane approach to bat removal or other services.

As a licensed and insured pest control company, our technicians undergo extensive training that stays ahead of industry standards. We make it fast and easy to find pest control services for all your needs. Our roach exterminators are also well versed with bed bug treatments and garden pest control to prevent ants, spider or beetles.

Not all pest control issues can be seen by the naked eye. Bed bugs are microscopic pests that cause irritated skin and discomfort. Armed Force Pest Control used the most effective bed bug treatments to quickly restore comfort to your living spaces. The same approach of safety and results applies to fly removal or any of our Middletown pest control services.

While on site, our lawn weed control trims aways a common home for rodents or other invasive species. Lawn pest control is a proactive way to avoid mice removal or fire ant control in the future, as these types of pests often linger in overgrown lawns. Armed Force Pest Control is happy to suggest what pest sprays are most suited for your situation and offers tips to prevent the problem from recurring.

The species, extent of infestation and indoor or outdoor application may all affect what pest control treatment is most effective. Whatever the problem, our exterminators help you make informed decisions.

From rat removal to cockroach extermination; please contact us at (707) 809-5541 for pest control service around Middletown

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