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Armed Force Pest Control - Napa, California

Pest Control Treatments and Weed Control

In business since 2002, and with over 25 years in the lawn and pest control industry, Armed Force Pest Control is the undisputed leader in the Napa, CA area. We’re a local company with a quick response time, same day service, and honest technicians using only the most excellent techniques that have proven results.

Our reputation has been built on successfully helping countless numbers of businesses and home owners eliminate their pest problems and keep them from coming back. We do more than just fix the problem, we solve it by eliminating the problem at its source. This could be treating the trees and shrubs and not limiting ourselves to just the structure, and because of this we are able to treat more effectively, efficiently, and in a more timely manner.

Some of the services we provide include weed control, bed bug removal, cockroach elimination, yellow jacket baiting, fly control, mouse and rat removal, and all types of other pests like ants, earwigs, crickets, spiders, wasps, scorpions, bats and bees.

One service that we provide is general rodent exclusion. This means we complete a full inspection of a property, and perform permanent repairs to keep rodents from entering a building.

Besides our extensive experience in the pest control service industry, what separates us from any other pest control company in the Napa, CA area is the fact that we have an Agricultural license as well as a Structural license so we can treat a more extensive area.

Not only are we fully licensed and bonded, but we’re also a family company with long term employees who care deeply about our customers needs and wants. We genuinely want every customer to be a lifelong customer, and will do whatever we need to do to make that happen.

If you’re looking for the best rat removal, fly control, cockroach extermination, or any other type of pest control company in the Napa, CA area, the only place you need to call is Armed Force Pest Control at (707) 809-5541.

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