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Armed Force Pest Control Services

Exterminator and Lawn Pest Control in Hidden Valley Lake, California

Armed Force Pest Control offers quality weed control and lawn pest control for residents and businesses in Hidden Valley Lake, California. We have been serving the communities of Middletown, Lakeport, and Clearlake since 2002.

Without proper weed control, you could also be giving pests a home and a nice snack! Why hire two separate businesses? Armed Force Pest Control can take care of both issues.

Our team is licensed to provide pest control treatment for government buildings and schools, due to our IPM Inspection certification. We have also earned an agricultural license, which allows us to use pest spray on the interior of homes and offices as well as the exterior and grounds.

We perform garden pest control with non-toxic methods to keep your plants healthy and rid weeds. If ants are foraging your garden, our company also has proven ant control methods to keep them out of your backyard.

For businesses in the Hidden Valley Lake area, Armed Force Pest Control can deliver trusted fly control methods.

Give us a call at (707) 809-5541 for more information on our pest control service.

The sight of a bug in your home might be unsettling, but we’re here to help! We can perform cockroach extermination that is safe for pets. Hiring a roach exterminator will rid you of the headache and frustrations of doing it yourself. Our team can also provide you with a bed bug treatment if necessary.

Do you hear squeaking or little footsteps in your home at night? Well, we provide mice and rat removal too! Armed Force Pest Control is also experienced with bat removal, should you find one or more stuck in your home or office.

Our pest control company is relied upon by many residents and businesses of Middletown, Lakeport, and Clearlake, California. To schedule pest control services with us, call (707) 809-5541 today.

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